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Self adhesive
Stickytex™ Opaque Adhesive Wall Fabric 220gsm
A 95% opaque polyester fabric with a removable glue back that is ideal for bespoke wallpaper designs, large murals etc. Compared to the standard IJ700 Stickytex, the high opacity coating greatly reduces show-through from coloured backgrounds. It can be removed and repositioned without damaging the wall and leaves no residue. Will not rip or wrinkle and is water-resistant with Pigment and Latex inks

£50 per square metre (+VAT)
Traditional wallpaper
Graffiti™ Smooth Matte Wallpaper 180gsm
A smooth, matt non-woven wallpaper with high opacity and excellent wet strength resistance. (Weight is 180gsm - Thickness is 300 microns) As the thickness is over 300microns it can easily cover small cracks.

Can be hung with standard wallpaper paste. PVC free. Water resistant with pigment inks.

£40 per square metre (+VAT)

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