Retouching &
Colour Matching

Calibrated colour management

Retouching & Colour Matching

Once we have your artworks digitized can then retouch to remove hairs, dust etc and match the colours on our calibrated screen to the original artwork. We print fine art reproductions on an Epson Surecolor 9000 with a Spectroproofer to keep it the printer calibrated in line with our calibrated screens.

How We Colour Match

Colour matching is a skill learned over years, a computer screen omits light and a print will reflect light, this means you will never get a print to look like an image displayed on a screen however using the correct calibrated lighting and a lot of experience we can usually get pretty close to the original. For an additional cost (£35 +VAT) we will print out test strips to get the colours as close as possible* to the original.


Light Retouching

Scans or files are rarely spotless and usually need dust and hairs removed before they are ready to print, if we have produced the file the this is FOC, if the file has been supplied we charge an hourly rate of £65.00 + vat

Bespoke Retouching

Sometimes an artist wants to make an amend to the original artwork, change the crop, remove or add items or make subtle changes, this is done at our normal rate of £65.00 + vat per hour, we are happy to give you an idea on cost before we undertake the work.

Existing Files

You may have a file of your artwork already, assuming the quality is good enough (we will let you know if it isn’t) we can print from this file. We are happy to print without amending the file however if you would like us to colour match, retouch or manipulate the file then this would be at our normal rate of £65.00 per hour.

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